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Lima, Lima, Lima - we love you! Even after an extremely short visit. From Medellin we flew to Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, and then flew directly to Lima, Peru. We spent three nights/two full days exploring Lima and loved what we saw. It’s the capital and largest city in Peru (around eight million people). Even with the high population, what we saw was a very clean city much of which stretched along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It’s full of parks, including El Malecón, a six mile long park overlooking the ocean the entire stretch. Lima is also very well known for it’s incredible food- we took advantage of this! There's a few adventure tours you can do from the city to the surrounding areas, but we decided to spend our short time there exploring ourselves rather than filling up our days. We also wanted to recuperate from the amazing two weeks with our friends! We hung out in an area of the city called Miraflores, which is the most modern and probably the most popular area for travelers. Miraflores kept us busy for the two days and we stayed at the Loki Hostel, thanks to a recommendation from Corey who stayed there years ago!

The first day we wandered around Miraflores, admiring the ‘Garden City’. Walking and driving is hectic! Huge tour buses, SUV's, cars, pedestrians, and fruit carts share the streets squeezing within inches of each other. Still a little tired from previous days and not up to scoping out places, we opted for lunch at a local chain restaurant probably equivalent to a Chili's. From there we headed in the direction of the Pacific Ocean. We found ourselves walking through Larco Mar, an outdoor shopping center filled with tourists and locals, cafes, and upscale stores. A large terrace extending out further than the rest of the coast allows you a great view of Lima, the high rises, and the massive cliffs towering over the coastline. Hundreds of feet down, there’s a busy highway squeezed between the cliffs and the Pacific Ocean. The water was filled with surfers catching waves at the surf break. It’s an incredible view! We continued walking south on the cliff-side sidewalk through the park. We came across statues (one being the lighthouse), a skate park, red clay tennis courts, and areas the city had set up with workout equipment in the grass. There’s even a large bike path built in to the median of many roads throughout Miraflores and the park. At sunset much further south on the same cliff-side path, we bought a DELICIOUS crepe at Beso Frances Creperia and watched people paraglide off the nearby cliff over the Pacific. I was dying to try it, but we felt like 595 Peruvian Soles ($85) per person for ten minutes of flying was a little steep. For dinner we made our way to another part of Miraflores and found a restaurant serving ceviche, as Peru is said to have the BEST ceviche in the world!

Our second and last day we rented bikes from a small rental kiosk near the Larco Mar shopping center we visited the day before. The weather was perfect and we had a great time riding around all of MiraFlores. We heard the restaurant La Mar supposedly has the best ceviche in Peru so we had to check it out for a late lunch! We could barely even find parking for our bicycles outside it was so packed at 3PM! The three ceviche dishes and two Pisco Sours were both delicious, although we still think Ecuador’s ceviche is the winner!

Our hostel in Lima is where we found out about the greatest bus/tour company, Peru Hop! It was an absolute lifesaver. Planning our next few moves became SO.MUCH.EASIER because they do it all for you! The company only functions in Peru and Bolivia (Bolivia Hop) at the moment, but I’m sure will be expanding to other locations in upcoming years. We paid Peru Hop S/1,540 per person ($220/per person) for the entire experience, which included ALL the bus trips, some of the tours, and lunches on the bus. We traveled the route from Lima to La Paz, Bolivia over two weeks time, stopping in towns along the way for as many days as we pleased. Peru Hop provided us a list of good hostels/hotels and tours in each town. We selected which hostel and tours we wanted and they set up everything! Whenever we were ready to head south to the next town, we booked seats online on the Peru Hop bus- already paid for! We've loved reading about places and planning, but it was nice for two weeks to sit back and let someone do it for us. The Peru Hop bus picked us up at 5:45AM from the Loki Hostel and we headed out to Paracas and Huacachina. Hefners out!

Larco Mar.

Locals were rollerblading everywhere!

Live music at Beso Frances Creperia.

Walking through the six mile park.

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